HydroPeptide® anti aging skincare range.....


Since 2004, HydroPeptide has revolutionized skin care through the power of peptides as messenger molecules that work on a cellular level to increase hydration, visibly reduce lines and wrinkles, and enhance skin’s natural luminosity. With over 60 peptides, antioxidant rich botanical stem cells, growth factors and hyaluronic acid, the award-winning daily care and professional collections offer targeted customizable results-driven regimens for all skin types.

HydroPeptide facial treatments are designed to leave skin youthfully plump, smooth, radiant and visibly lifted, in one treatment, with continued improvement in the days after. Powerful peptides instantly restore healthy skin structure and hydration. Carefully selected botanicals detoxify and rejuvenate. Every HydroPeptide treatment combats telltale signs of aging with the option to customize the treatment to address additional skin care concerns including, but not limited to, sensitivity, acne and hyperpigmentation.

Best results are achieved when you marry your home care regimen with regular visits to your skin care professional. Book your customized HydroPeptide treatment with us today.

Anti-Stress Express - £33.00 Hydropeptide's Express Treatment is for those who are short on time but still want the benefits of a full treatment. Stability peptides help to balance stressed skin, while Echinacea stem cells provide instant and long-lasting hydration. A multi functional cranberry pomegranate treatment mask provides exfoliation and rich nutrients for the renewed radiance and elasticity.
After just one treatment the skin is hydrated, smoother and glowing. Fine Lines and wrinkles are less noticeable
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment -£45.00 Hydropeptide's Signature Treatment. This relaxing "no downtime" treatment infuses skin with the restorative and uplifting benefits of peptides, growth factor activators and proteins. Begin the treatment with a two-step peel that incorporates Vitamin C infused microdermabrasion crystals and a plumping activator to reveal fresh, glowing skin. A hybrid treatment mask purifies with bentonite and kaolin clays while wrinkle fighting peptides leave skin firm and rejuvenated. Fine lines and wrinkles don't stand a chance with this signature age defying treatment.
After one treatment, expression lines appear relaxed, skin is glowing, texture is smoother and skin is plumped.
Brightening Treatment -£49.00 Even out, lighten and brighten many types of skin discoloration including age spots, sun damage and acne scars. The brightening treatment will help to address pigmentation concerns without the use of harsh chemicals by combining proven natural skin brighteners with gentle exfoliation. A potent dose of antioxidants help to protect the skin while a targeted treatment serum jumpstarts a more even complexion.
After just one treatment, skin is glowing, more even, smooth and toned. A series of treatments is recommended for best results.

Calming Recovery - £49.00 Even sensitive skin will be left glowing after this calming, soothing treatment. A gentle peel refreshes skin without irritation while a nourishing mask helps to protect skin and restore hydration. Start combining sensitivity with peptides and a botanical stem cell that helps to promote an even skin tone by reducing visible signs of redness. An uplifting eye treatment gives the perfect finish to this gentle, restorative treatment. After just one treatment, skin is calm, refreshed and more balanced

Pumpkin Refresher - £53.00 A refreshing power boost provides effective exfoliation to combat and revitalize dull skin. A combination of fruit enzymes and clarifying peptides work synergistically to clear the skin of impurities while natural exfoliants increases cell turnover to lift signs of sun exposure and leave skin looking fresh and renewed. 
After just one treatment, skin is clearer, smoother and glowing

Acne Clarifying - £53.00 Improves skin clarity while combating acne and unbalanced skin. A combination of salicylic acid and acne fighting peptides improve skin smoothness and balance oil production. Unclog pores and speed up skin cell turnover while enhancing an overall glow and revealing healthy skin. After just one treatment, skin is balanced, revitalized and clear.

Pumpkin Refresher and Acne Clarifying treatments are available without a Facial Massage at a cost of £43.00. Both Facials still use and benefit from the Hydropeptide products


THE SCIENCE BIT!!........Peptides are the latest dynamic entry into the anti-ageing skincare sector. A new option doesn't happen very often, which makes this exciting news. Peptides in skincare are a realistic alternative to Retinol, without the down side of irritating sensitive skins and restricted use on women of child bearing years.
Peptides are a chain of 20 natural amino acids, the biochemical building blocks of the body. Amino acids constitute the code of life. All living cells and organisms' functions are regulated by the sequences of these original blocks.
These amino acids give a huge combination and variety of different Oligopeptides (2-10 amino acids), polypeptides (10-100 amino acids) and also proteins Collagen and Elastin which are the  well known proteins found in the skin.
Between the ages of 25 and 45 Collagen and Elastin producing cells known as 'fibroblasts' become less active, due to internal hormonal and external environmental factors. This leads to fewer collagen fibres and an increase in fine wrinkle lines. Peptides can jump start existing fibroblasts, encouraging new ones to return to the aging dermis.
How peptides work - A good analogy to explain is wound healing. If you cut your finger, collagen and Elastinfibres located deep within the dermis are broken. The end portion of these injured collagen and Elastinfibres are composed of a specific sequence of amino acids (an amino acid peptide).  It's these end chain peptides which are responsible for sending a chemical message out to fibroblasts (collagen producing cells), enticing them to return to the area, make collagen and repair the wound. Peptides used in skin rejuvenation are composed of the same end fragment that sends out the distress signal to those fibroblasts, this time chemically signalling the skin to become firmer.
Each Peptide amino acid sequence and the arrangement of the chains determine the function of the peptide. There has been extensive research of the peptide and its biological activity for over 50 years, and this data helps to engineer peptides that are identical to the skin's peptides and act on the specific physiological mechanisms of the skin very efficiently.  These nature identical peptides have been demonstrated to have outstanding efficacy through in-vitrostudies (a controlled environment as in a test tube) showing the importance of peptides in skin biology as regulating the internal environment of skin cells.
Pharmaceutical laboratories have already engineered peptides with specific properties for medical treatments but more recently there has been an explosion in the use of peptides in skin care. The high demand for peptides in cosmetics can be explained by the need for more effective cosmetic actives.  Peptides offer a non-irritating, biocompatible, non-drying, skin firming option for use in anti ageing products. They have a determined action to improve declining functions of skin cells without any side effect, and when formulated with other tried and tested anti-aging agents fulfil most anti ageing skincare regimes.  When used regularly peptide enhanced skincare can help protect the skin from accelerated environmental-based ageing and rebalance the chronological skin ageing process, preserving the skins structure and restoring firmness, elasticity and reducing lines.