Following the Government announcement on the 22nd February 2021, we hope that both salons will reopen again on 12th April 2021

Before the opening date, we will continue to offer a Covid safe 'click and collect' service from both salons, where you can collect orders for Skincare, Revitalash or 1:1 Diet products.  To place you order please follow this link:

Gift Vouchers are available to be purchased from the website or by clicking this link:

The online diary is currently open from the 12th April 2021 but we are aware that this may change and therefore any booked appointments will be altered accordingly.   We encourage you to ensure you contact details are up to date by clicking this link and following the simple instructions:

I know I speak on behalf of the team when I say, "Thank you for your continued loyalty and support and we look forward to seeing you all again soon."

As we are not a team that 'stands still' we will continue our learning though this third National Lockdown and are pleased to be introducing new facial treatments and skin peels into the salons.  We will continue to keep you updated on all introductory offers.

Best Wishes, Stay Safe
Karen and The Vanity Case team xx


  • I have seen a Perspex screen advertised on Social Media, will you be having one of those on the Nail Stations

The Government have stated that screens are not necessary if the team members wear visors.  Every staff member has a visor which will be worn during nail treatments.  We have invested in dust extractors on the nail stations that contain Hepa Filters and we also have Wall Mounted Activated Carbon Air Purifiers that have a FLEXZORB filter.  This gives far more protection than the Perspex screen and you can be assured that we have purchased these with staff and client safety in mind. 

  • Will I need another patch test for tinting or Lash lifting?

If you have not had a treatment where a Patch Test is needed within 12 months, then you would need another one.  We also recommend that if you have been ill or changed medication in between your appointments, that you have another Patch Test to ensure there is no sensitivity.  As we are no longer able to offer 'walk in' appointments, the Patch test can be booked online.  The online cost will be deducted from the treatment; this is avoid us booking in a 15 minute appointment and the client not turning up.

  • I have heard that there can be an increased risk of Thrombosis after having Covid-19.  Is there anything I need to do before having a treatment?

If you have had, or suspect that you have had Covid-19, we require Drs consent before any body massage treatments take place.  This is to ensure you remain well after having your massage treatment.  Whilst many may consider this to be unnecessary, we would not wish for you to fall ill due to us not considering your health.  There are few facts at the moment on the after effects of Covid-19 but we consider your health a priority.

  • Can I still come with my friend to the salon, even though she doesn’t have an appointment booked?

We will be issuing new policies and procedures at least 48 hours before your booked appointment and these will come directly to your mobile phone.  This will also be accompanied by a new Consultation form to ensure you are not coming to the salon with Covid-19 symptoms.  The Government have also restrict the number of people in the salon so until further notice we will ask you to come to your appointment on your own.

  • I have changed my mobile number since the salon was last open, how will you contact me?

We have a faciality whereby you can keep your details up to date.  Follow this link to take you to the website where you will be able to access your account and update your contact details.  We would encourage you to do this so that we can follow contact tracking guidelines

  • I have made a booking online and paid a deposit, what will happen with my deposit?

We will honour your deposit against any future treatment but so that you can have an appointment date and time that is convenient to you, we would encourage you to book your appointment on line or by clicking onto your account via the website, see question above to access your account, this will show you all past and future appointments.  If you require your appointment to be swapped to the other branch, please email us and we will organise that change for you. 

  • I have recently signed up for a Monthly membership scheme, what will happen with that?

We hope that you will be continue to honour your Direct Debit, however if you are unable to do so, then please let us know and we will pause payments for you.  We will simply add the treatments that you have missed due to the closure, to the end of the 12 month agreement.  You will not lose any treatments and will still receive all of the benefits. 

  • I have been using and loving MEDIK8 skincare products and I will soon run out.  What shall I do?

We recognise the importance of staying bright.  Please click this link which will take you to an online Medik8 Order form, we will then either deliver to you at home or send you a message to advise that your products are ready for collection. The invoice will be sent to your email to request an online payment.

  • Karen is my 1:1 Diet Consultant, how will I get my products?

Karen is booking Zoom sessions for new clients that wish to start their 1:1 diet journey.  If you are new to the 1:1 Diet plan, please email Karen at [email protected] where you will be contacted to arrange a FREE consultation.  Karen will continue to give support to current 1:1 clients.