Semi Permanent Makeup

Maisie will handle all aspects of your treatment, from initial consultation, through treatment and follow up and is more than welcome to answer any questions that you may have.

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Shape, Symmetry & Balance

Eyebrows frame the face and the perfect brow should bring symmetry and balance, but not all of us have been graced with the perfect brow. If your brows are uneven or sparse from over plucking, then this treatment could be for you. Individual hair strokes are tattooed to create a natural looking eyebrow in a colour to match your hair – restoring your brows to their full glory, without the need for makeup!


Restoring Your Natural Blush

As we age our lips can lose colour and volume, but the lip blush can bring back what nature has taken away. Redefine your lips with a flush of colour, and achieve a voluptuous, more youthful smile without the need for injectable fillers. Pigments can be custom blended to suit each client, ensuring you get the perfect colour for your perfect pout!


Love Your Lash Line

The perfect treatment to emphasise your eyes and give you a youthful, refreshed look without the need for mascara! Pigment is placed subtly along your lash-line to give the illusion of naturally thicker eyelashes. Accentuate your eye colour and add definition with an eyeliner that simply won't smudge! This treatment can be performed on both the top and bottom lash-lines.

In the frantic world that we live, one of the most precious commodities that we have is time. Semi permanent makeup (cosmetic tattooing) offers the opportunity to reduce both the time and the effort taken to look your best - building confidence, improving self-image, and generally making you feel great about yourself.

Using the most up to date materials and pigments available in our specially designed clinical environment (licensed by the local authority) our trained and qualified consultant will deliver a safe and professional service tailored specifically to your needs.