Salon Etiquette

If you’re new to the world of beauty treatments, you’ll no doubt have a number of questions about 'what happens'. We want to ensure that from the minute you enter the Salon you feel welcomed, relaxed and ready to unwind.  So, we’ve put together some handy tips to guide you through your beauty experience.


We understand that plans can change. If you find you’re unable to make your appointment, please let us know 24 hours beforehand. Any cancellations made less than 24 hours before will be charged at 50% and don't forget you can send a friend in your place without any charge.

We have an answerphone service where you are able to leave us a message but a better option is to log onto our online booking system and rearrange your appointment at a time to suit you.


Whilst of course we know you’ll want to chat with friends and 'check-in' to share your wonderful salon experience on Facebook, we also want you and the others around you to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and so we ask that your mobile is left to enjoy its own quiet time.  


If you’re visiting the salon for the first time and require a consultation, we ask that you arrive approximately 10 minutes before your treatment time. This will ensure that you have plenty of time to check-in, complete your treatment consultation and start to unwind before the treatment begins.

If you’re late, you’ll only make yourself stressed, which doesn’t make for a relaxing treatment. It may also cut into your treatment time, giving you less time with your therapist.


If you’d prefer your massage a little lighter or with a dose of extra pressure, tell us. It’s our job to ensure you truly enjoy your massage treatment, so if there’s a way we can tailor it perfectly to your tastes, we will.  If you’re not feeling as toasty warm as you’d like, tell us about that too! Likewise, if you have your favorite therapist we’ll do our best to oblige where possible.


If you have any type of medical condition that could be made worse or that we need to consider during your treatment, please let us know before we begin your treatment or during your consultation.  Certain treatments are not suitable for particular medical conditions, though we may be able to suggest an alternative that works for you.


If you’ve booked a body massage, we don't expect you to lie in the nude. Your therapist will use draping techniques to keep as much of you covered, with the exception of the individual areas they are working on. This ensures you keep your modesty and also that the towels keep you warm and snug. When preparing for your massage we ask that you remove all clothing with the  exception of your underwear and get yourself comfortable on the treatment couch, covered by a towel.


If you’ve booked a spray tan treatment, we advise that you wax 48 hours beforehand or shave at least the day before.  This allows the skin to recover and the pores to close, preventing tell-tale blotches.

Exfoliate and moisturise the skin the day before;  concentrating on moisturising the knees, heels and elbows.  Do not moisturise on the day of your tan.  On the day of your spray tan, we ask that you don't wear your best knickers, as silk and satin will stain, wear loose dark clothing for when you're on your way home.  We also recommend that you don't shower just before your tan, as this will open your pores and you will get those little brown dots.


Many clients prefer to enjoy their massage treatments quietly, listening to the soothing music played in the treatment rooms. For others, they like to enjoy a chat with their therapist. If you’d prefer not to have complete silence, that’s ok. Your therapists are very friendly and always happy to chat with you but they are just as happy to let your enjoy the peace. We’ll simply follow your lead.


Should you have any other questions prior to your visit, please contact the salon and a member of the team will be happy to help you.