Spray Tanning-LA Tan

LA Tanning solutions are superior tanning products developed using the latest technology and designed to produce an initial colour. DHA (Diydroxyacetone) is the main ingredient in all sunless tanning products.  The DHA used in our solutions is 100% organic, and range from 8% to 14%.

All our solutions are Fragrant Free, Parben Free and Alcohol Free.

LA Tanning solutions contain only the highest quality ingredients, including Aloe Vera Gel and a Blend of 5 Vitamins. These ingredients moisturise the skin to prevent the skin from drying out and subsequent loss of tan.

Also included in our solutions are White and Green Tea Extracts which are a highly effective anti-oxidant.

LA Tanning solutions have been formulated to the highest degree and the solution is manufactured in the UK and is not tested on animals.

Body Polish

A BODY POLISH is a perfect way to exfoliant your skin before having your spray tan, making it last longer and fades evenly.

Body scrubbing aids circulation and is known to be an excellent exfoliant - removing any dead skin cells. This leaves your skin super soft and fully revitalised. Body brushing also warms your muscles and increases elasticity.

What happens during the treatment: A full body exfoliation using a sugar scrub and body brush is used to get rid of dry/dull skin followed by the application of a refreshing body lotion.  Leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

Before your spray tanning session exfoliation is vital in preparing the outermost cells of the skin to be not only more receptive to the spray on tan solution during application, but also to ensure that the tan lasts longer and fades evenly.

Spray Tanning Guide

Fair/Medium Skin Type - LA TAN 10 GOLD.  LA Tan 10 Gold is 10% in DHA, designed especially for fair to medium skin types. Giving you a flawless golden natural, streak free and healthy looking LA Tan every time

Medium/ Dark Skin Type - LA TAN 12.  LA Tan 12 is 12% in DHA, designed especially for medium to dark skin types. Giving you a flawless dark brown, streak free and healthy looking LA Tan every time.

Any Skin Type - LA FAST TAN.  A fast developing solution designed for those customers who require a last minute tan. Available in a versatile golden brown shade with a refreshing lemon grass fragrance.  Development time is 2 hours - for a light tan.  3-4 hours for a medium tan and 5 - 6 hours for a darker tan. 

FAST TAN PLEASE NOTE - you can leave the tanning solution on your skin for the desired length of time that is suitable to you.  After washing off the solution, you may feel like you have washed away the tan; this is not the case and your tan will continue to develop, giving you the desired colour the following day.   It's almost magic

Spray Tanning Preparation

Please Note = Without the written consent of your GP or Midwife, we will not spray tan if you are Pregnant.  Whilst there are no known side effects to the dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the effects of inhaling the spray are not known. Hormone changes can also affect the outcome of the Tan.

If you’ve booked a spray tan treatment, we advise that you wax 48 hours beforehand or shave at least the day before.  This allows the skin to recover and the pores to close, preventing tell-tale blotches.

Exfoliate and moisturise the skin the day before;  concentrating on moisturising the knees, heels and elbows.  Do not moisturise on the day of your tan.  On the day of your spray tan, we ask that you don't wear your best knickers, as silk and satin will stain, wear loose dark clothing for when you're on your way home. 

If you need to book for a Brow Tint, please ensure this is done at least 48 hours before having your tan, as it can send the hair ginger.

We also recommend that you don't shower just before your tan, as this will open your pores and you will get those little brown dots.

Spray Tanning Aftercare

Stay away from water. Do not wash your feet or hands immediately after your tan. Stay away from activities that make you sweat including the gym.

In case of rainy weather, even if it is droplets, carry an umbrella. Even a few drops of water can cause spots of discoloration on your skin.

Do not use deodorants and perfumes immediately. The presence of alcohol and aluminum in these products will react with your spray tan resulting in uneven spots and blotches.

Wear flipflops, not shoes and long boots. Shoes and boots can can restrict the development of tan on your feet.

If you have long hair, keep it tied up for as long as possible as it will obstruct proper tanning to your shoulders.

Do not apply Moisturizers immediately after getting the spray tan. 

After the Development Time

Let the water be of lukewarm temperature. The hot bath is always tempting and relaxing, but for the spray tan, it is a nightmare. Do not cleanse your skin thoroughly.

Do not use loofahs 0r washcloths

Every single time you shower, ensure that you are simply pat drying yourself using a soft towel. Do not rub your skin.

For a long-lasting sun-kissed glow moisturisation is the key.  Hydrate your skin with a non-oil based moisturising cream or lotion.

The more moisturisation and care your skin receives, the longer the life of your tan.