Laser Hair & Tattoo Removal

IPL Laser Hair Reduction Technology

WHAT IS IT AND HOW DOES IT WORK?  IPL (intense pulse light) light is directed at the pigmentation in the hair, causing a burst of heat that damages or kills the cells that cause that hair to grow.  The light that comes out of the IPL device is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, which is why this treatment works best with dark hair, causing a buildup of energy which turns to heat.  The heat travels down the hair and disables or destroys the cells that make new ones.

IPL acts on hairs that are in the growth phase and so the numbers of sessions for hair removal depends on the color of the hair, its location and the length of the hair growth cycle. The area being treated and individual genetic factors also determine the number of treatments required. It is therefore difficult to give an exact number of sessions that will be required, however, it is generally accepted that an average of six to ten sessions gives good results.

Not every skin tone is suitable for IPL and at The Vanity Case we can only treat Fitzpatrick skin tones I  - IV.  As the technology works by targeting the pigment in the hair, there needs to be a notable difference between your skin tone and the hair colour

Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser 

Unwanted tattoos can be removed gradually over a series of sessions using a laser. The energy from the laser breaks down the tattoo ink into tiny fragments, which are eventually absorbed into the bloodstream and safely passed out of the body.

The Nd:YAG technology works by allowing the light produced by the laser to pass through the skin and break up the tattoo ink into tiny particles. The ink shatters on impact when treated by the laser, allowing the body to dispose of the small particles through the lymphatic system.

Hair Reduction

  • Upper Lip - £30
  • Chin or Cheek - £35
  • Lip & Chin - £45
  • Neck - £45
  • Sides of Face - £35
  • Standard Bikini - £55
  • Brazilian Bikini - £65
  • Underarm - £40
  • Full Leg - £85
  • Half Leg - £55
  • Full Arm - £65
  • Chest or Back - £65
  • Feet or Hands - £15

A Consultation and Patch Test is required, the fee is fully refundable against any treatment booked - £20

Tattoo Removal

  • Small Area - £25
  • Medium Area - £45
  • Large Area - £65

A Consultation and Test Patch is required, the fee is fully refundable against any treatment booked - £20